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Mother’s faith saves her two sons after serious gunshot wounds

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A little over two years ago on March 30, 2010, two brothers, Jamal Blakeney and Kevin Blakeney-Attaway, were shot while walking home from a funeral on South Capitol Street, Washington DC. DC has become unfortunately infamous for its violence; just under ten years ago, the dreaded and forever horribly remembered DC Sniper shootings took place that left us feeling in a very worried and unsafe state.

It was a Tuesday night when this gruesome event took place. Lavenia Attaway, mother of the two boys, received a call for her son Kevin telling her he and his brother, Jamal, had been shot. When she asked how Jamal was, Kevin could not answer.

Fearing the worst, she was supremely happy to find that both her sons were alive. However, Kevin, after being shot in both the hip and head, is on a very slow, but sure road to recovery. His injuries have put him on a journey to become himself once again, as he has been re-learning how to speak and walk for the last two years with little success.

Lavenia and son, Kevin, on the long, but hopeful path to recovery

“God I stand on your word. You told me I would not lose another son like this; and last night, I stood on your word. I walked on South Capitol St. and prayed and I believe that you sent me an angel.” These are Lavenia’s words in reaction to both her sons being alive.

In 2002, her son Lawrence died at 19 from a gun shot wound to the head and in 2008, her son Maurice was sent to prison for 20 years on an assault charge.

The 5 men responsible for the shootings are scheduled to be sentenced in D.C. Superior Court and could very easily (and rightfully) face life sentences for their crime. A jury previously found them guilty in May of murder and other related offenses.

Jamal, being shot in the back, has made a full recovery, but has declined any interviews.

Lavenia Attaway knows that Kevin’s mental limitations as a result of this may be lifelong, but she is simply grateful that her baby boy is still alive and able to hug his mother; no doubt, her guardian angel is smiling right above the two of them as they embrace.

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