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The first sports illustrated magazine

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Sports Illustrated.  One of the most popular magazines among readers in the United States.

It has been a hit since the first issue came out on August 16, 1954.

Sports Illustrated 1954

There were 148 pages in the first issue containing advertisements, small stories, feature stories, and even pictures and full stats of baseball players during that time.

The sports that were reported on in the first issue have changed dramatically to the ones that are reported on now.  Some of the sports that were reported on in this issue were:

  • horse racing
  • boxing
  • golf
  • track and field
  • polo
  • flying

Flying was even considered a sport at that time.  Two of the major feature stories written were about boxing and track and field.  In todays Sports Illustrated issues they report their big stories on basketball or football.  There was no football to be found in this issue.

They even had three whole pages in the 1954 issue that were all trading cards that you could cut out and save.


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