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Blogging and its importance

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It is amazing how quickly blogs became a primary means of communication for individuals online.   In the 1990s, however, most people regarded Web pages as things to read and not a place to publish or post.  The growth of the Internet has allowed blogs to become a competitor to newspapers and other traditional mainstream sources of information.

Today, access to a computer and global networks make it possible for anyone to publish their opinion on the Internet.  Blogger, created by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan, is credited as largely responsible for bringing blogging to the mainstream.

From Matt Drudge’s notable blog, the Drudge Report, that broke the news of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, to The Huffington Post and blog wars of today, blogs turned traditional publishing upside down. Blogs have allowed individuals to become news-tellers and gain a global voice for free.

Today, with the advent of social media, blogs are only a portion of person’s online persona.  While blogs are unlikely to go anywhere soon, there is definite room for growth in style, presentation, credibility and content.

Blogs have become an integral part of our online culture.  In his account of the blogging revolution, Scott Rosenberg  described that thanks to technology and media, all of us have the same marvelous power to reach out to the rest of the world.

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