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The Society of Professional Journalists adopted the very first code of ethics and made journalism more credible than ever. The SPJ was founded in 1909 at DePauw University in Greenville, Indiana.  At that time it was the Sigma Delta Chi fraternity.  The society is now a professional organization for print, online and broadcast journalists, students, educators and […]

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It’s election season. We’re about a month out from the election and things are heating up. Wednesday was the first presidential debate which you can find here. The debates are an essential part of a presidential campaign because you really get to hear the candidates’ views from their own mouths, not that of the commercials […]

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Propoganda is not dead

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Propoganda is generally thought of as the comic-like posters on city walls or public service announcements that have been left behind in mid-20th century antiquity. However, all one must do to realize that propaganda is alive and well is turn on their television, especially during election season. It’s presence is ubiquitous: before practically every Youtube […]

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