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Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything

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It’s election season. We’re about a month out from the election and things are heating up. Wednesday was the first presidential debate which you can find here. The debates are an essential part of a presidential campaign because you really get to hear the candidates’ views from their own mouths, not that of the commercials or advertisements.

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As long as I’ve been around there have always been presidential debates. Granted, the furthest back I can remember watching was Gore vs. Bush, but still. There was a time when there was no debate and you just relied on what you knew or had read.
The first televised presidential debate was aired in 1960. Seventy million people tuned in to watch Nixon and Kennedy fight it out, that’s considerably more than the amount of people that tuned in last night.
This televised debate brought politics to another level because it allowed people to see the candidates and  how they interacted. Many said that this debate was one of the main reasons that Kennedy won. Kennedy looked like he cared, whereas Nixon was just recovering for an illness and looked a little sickly.  People got caught up in the visual aspects of the debate and may have lost the true purpose of the debate…the candidates views on the issues.

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Do you think that the televised debates are a good measure of the candidates stance on issues, and are you really listening for that when you’re watching? Or, are you looking at body language and who looks better in their suit?  Or, are you that person that just waits until the end to see what everyone else has to say to say and then side with the majority?

Get informed. Know what you believe and find a candidate that supports that. Your vote counts.


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