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“Racism still alive they just be concealin it”

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Kanye’s egotism is something that is never really questioned because let’s face it..he loves himself. But he does sometimes share those gems of truth that can wake people up and help them realize what kind of world we’re living in.
As a black female aspiring broadcast journalist, it is great to see more faces like my own on television, but there’s always that voice in the back of my head that sees the brown faces are as common as not seeing Kim Kardashian everywhere.

However after interning at a television station this summer my hope was restored. I was greeted by faces that looked like mine, one of which attended George Mason as an undergrad and is now very successful. My admiration for Nicole Livas  is great and it has helped me to shape what kind of reporter I want to be in the future.

Hopefully a cross between her (for her strength in news reporting) and Oprah, because I would love to sit on a couch and just talk to people.

The Oprah Winfrey Show debuted in 1986 in Chicago. I wasn’t even born, but the path she paved for minority broadcast journalists is huge. She worked her way up just like Nicole Livas did and I plan to do as well.

Oprah showed television viewers that it was possible to be black and on television and not for things like this.
She  will forever be embedded into television history and I hope I will be too in the future.

Pictures are courtesy of Oprah and Wavy websites.

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