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iPad Mini: When will it end?

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Apple made waves in the tech world when they bridged the gap between the Macbook and iPhone with the iPad.  Now, it seems the company wants to bridge another gap – the gap between the iPad and the iPhone – with the iPad Mini.  Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a slightly smaller iPad. Stories on the unveiling are available at Yahoo and Mashable.

Photo from USA Today

When the iPad first came out, there were many jokes about it being just a big iPhone.  Well, it seems that Apple has taken one step closer to legitimizing these claims.  The new device is essentially the same as its big brother, but with a 7.8 inch screen instead of a 10 inch screen.

Resizing existing devices is nothing new for Apple, with a gadget arsenal that includes devices such as the iPods Nano and Shuffle and the Macbook Air.  Some of these tweaks and miniaturizations are attractive to many, but decreasing the screen size of the iPad by a mere 2.2 inches just seems superfluous.

I am now imagining a world where phones, computers, and media players are offered in an array of sizes as large as Levi’s selection of jean sizes.  There will be a device for everyone: a phone sized perfectly for the average front pants pocket, an iPad with three-ring binder compatibility, a laptop optimally scaled for infant use.

However, it should be noted that Apple is a very consumer-based company, and even though these creations seem silly at times, they wouldn’t exist if Apple didn’t perceive a demand for such an item.  Perhaps when it comes to selling electronics, one-size-fits-all won’t do the trick any more.

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