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Scribal culture still prevalent today

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During the Dark Ages, when only the wealthy could afford to send their children to school and illiteracy was rampant, the only source of information for most people was the Church.

It would seem today, in a developed nation where the literacy rate is 99% and information is available at the tip of our fingers, there should be no excuse for ignorance.

Republican Senate candidate from Indiana, Richard Mourdock, proved this wong. Mourdock made a colorful remark that rape which results in pregnancy is “something that God intended to happen.” This baseless, non-factual argument was his primary defense for banning all abortions.

This thought process, although shocking to many people, is not uncommon. Right wing evangelicals have fought to overturn Roe vs. Wade for decades, with religion being their strongest argument. But as stated earlier, it’s not because of a lack of education or awareness, but an overpowering religious influence that threatens to penetrate our rights and freedoms.

With the election drawing closer each day, our path to the Dark Ages could be built once again.

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