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The Golden Age (Extra Credit)

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After the Great War America was depressed and looking for something to wash away their memories.

They found sport.

Throughout the 1920s Americans slowly fell in love with sport through the exploits of Jack Dempsey, Man O’ War, The Four Horseman of Notre Dame, and the biggest name of all, Babe Ruth.

With the invention of the automobile and it becoming a more common means of transportation the economy was booming and ready for something new.  Sport filled that void.

This is also a time that radio became the favorite medium of news and how it travelled the fastest. This was the first time that Americans could keep up with their favorite teams; therefore, increasing newspaper coverage.  This lef to Americans going out and paying large sums of money to watch their favorite teams.

The 1920’s is when baseball became Americas’s national “pastime”.  They fell in love with the home run hitting, right fielder for the New York Yankees, George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

During the 1920’s Golden Age was also the birth of sports reporting and writing.  Reporters had the freedom to report any news and some reporters names, like Ring Lardner, Grantland Rice, Damon Runyon, were being noticed.

Lardner, Rice, and Runyon wrote well and led Americans into loving sports even more









(Left to right: Lardner, Rice, Runyon)

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