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Seat for sale

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Last Tuesday, Americans voted to keep President Obama in office. Voters turned out in historic numbers to re-elect the incumbent and add democratic seats to the Senate. Though Republicans maintain the majority in the House, this election was clearly a democratic victory.

20 female Democrats, one openly gay, will serve in the 113th Congress. Our extremely diverse voter demographic elected officials who say they will work to protect the liberal agenda of acceptance and equal opportunity for all, surprise!

750 million conservative dollars were spent on political campaigning and all but one of the seats they were campaigning for went to the Democrats. 850 million liberal dollars were spent on campaigning and, yet another surprise, the election worked out in their favor. Democrats strategically campaigned to a broader demographic than Republicans, thus solidifying their victory.

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker


Politicians have been saying it for months, “the choice is clear.” Well, the choice has been made and clearly Americans are saying: you can’t buy our vote. Unless you appeal to the right demographic, then you can.

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