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News of natural phenomena and the wonders of nature

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Pamphlet readers had an appetite for news of natural phenomena and the wonders of nature: floods, hailstorms, astrological events (like a solar eclipse).

Such natural phenomena, especially those that involved significant loss of life, became staples of the developing news market.

Whether it was thousands of years ago or today, news of natural phenomenons and the wonders of nature have always been the most newsworthy. It devastates people when these sort of crisis happen.

The worst natural disaster that hit America was Hurricane Katrina. It was the most newsworthy at its time and still might be.


Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States early in the morning on August 29, 2005. The storm itself did a great deal of damage, but its aftermath was catastrophic. Katrina killed at least 1,836 people and inflicted damages estimated at around $125 billion.

“Levee breaches led to massive flooding, and many people charged that the federal government was slow to meet the needs of the people affected by the storm. Hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were displaced from their homes, and experts estimate that Katrina caused more than $100 billion in damage.”

People from all over America were trying to get the latest news on Hurricane Katrina. They were searching the web, reading the newspaper, hoping to hear something from neighbors and other friends, etc. People wanted to hear everything about it. It was impossible to sit still without knowing what was happening at that exact moment. Some questions that might have been in some people’s minds: Were the people in the disaster getting help? Who was helping them? What could I do? 

Hurricane Katrina is in the top 10 worst U.S. natural disasters. It is impossible to forget what happened to America in 2005. It was a horrible time that was brought to America by a natural disaster. Yes, natural disasters are very newsworthy, but they are also devastating and very costly. 

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