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Word of mouth marketing

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Word of mouth marketing has existed since people could communicate with each other. But today, word of mouth marketing is very different from what it was centuries ago. Then, Ancient Romans used to chat about the latest new wine, and today, consumers share their new products through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Word of mouth has changed because of the growth and expansion of technology. Getting a message on any social networking site today means for that message to easily be spread all over the globe.


There were many memorable ad campaigns that really got people talking in the 20th century. Before cable television companies brought hundreds more channels to American living rooms, most people watched the same shows and saw the same commercials.

“Some, like the understated “Think Small” Volkswagen ads that debuted in 1959, actually changed the face of advertising. Slogans such as Alka Seltzer’s “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” and Coca Cola’s “It’s the real thing” became part of the cultural vernacular of America.”

Word of mouth marketing is actually more difficult than it seems. People change generation by generation but the principles will remain the same. Companies have to be careful with what will work and what will not work. They really just have to try their luck because it all depends on whether people will like it or not.

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