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“If it bleeds it leads” and in Vlado Taneski’s case, it bled profusely. Vlado Taneski was a Macedonian crime reporter who spent countless hours following a murderer who prayed on the elderly women of his town. According to The Guardian, Taneski reportedly followed a string of serial murders in the town of Tetovo. These murders included violent rapes and mutilations that were incomparable to anything the police had ever seen before. His freelance articles were quickly accepted as main pages for various newspapers in his home country. His accounts of the murders went into excessive detail, beyond that of any other newspaper in the area. These details would lead to a bizarre investigation into the life of Taneski.

Police investigators looked deeply into the accounts of Vlado Taneski, and found that his reports went far beyond the information they gave him. One such report gave a graphic story of a strangling with a phone cord known only to police. His reports warranted further investigation. Taneski was apprehended by the police for the murder of two elderly women. His DNA evidence was found on the two victims. He was also investigated for a third murder, but he committed suicide in a Totevo prison before he could face the justice system. It was found that he was responsible for the killings of  Mitra Simjanoska, Ljubica Licoska,  and Zivana Temelkoska. In addition to the murders, Taneski also housed an extensive collection of pornographic materials in one of his residences.

Along with Taneski’s bizarre alternate lifestyle, investigators found a strange pattern in his killings. All of the women that Taneski killed were all elderly cleaners, just like his mother. They also lived very close to his home. It is believed that these poor elderly women were killed because of Taneski’s torn relationship with his mother. Taneski’s father took his own life in 1990, further complicating Taneski’s familial relationships. It is hard to believe that such relationships could lead to such atrocities, but Taneski’s story is a unique one. His suicide was a final chapter in Tetovo’s book of terror. Perhaps it is bitterly ironic that the news of Taneski’s apprehension and suicide would make the front pages of newspapers throughout Macedonia.


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