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Celebrity reporting will always be popular

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We live in an age where we know what color dress stars like Angelina Jolie wore to a red carpet event five seconds after she steps out of the limo or what Duchess, Kate Middleton is saying in an interview after her engagement in a web article, an hour later.  The internet, television shows like E! news or TMZ, and publications like the National Enquirer provide daily and sometimes hourly coverage of all things related to celebrity news and gossip.

Celebrity reporting wasn’t always available at this fast and easy pace.  In 1508, some of the very first celebrity reporting took place.



Mary, the daughter of Henry VII of England, was married to Prince Charles of Austria who was heir to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.  She was 12 years old and he was eight.  The wedding was the talk of the newsbook written by Henry’s Latin secretary and printed the following year.  It was a huge deal for the treaty between England and Germany.  The coverage of their wedding ceremony provided clues to the disposition of power around the throne.  Readers’ were able to be spectacles by reading about the experience.

It comes down to the fact that we are all curious of the lives of people we know.  Though we might not know these people personally, they are still people that we ‘see’ everyday; whether it’s via the internet, television or through a publication.

People are naturally curious about major events in others’ lives.  It is the gossip that we hate to admit we love to read.

Some of the biggest news covered in celebrity news is when a beloved celebrity passes.  Michael Jackson passed in June 2009 and Robin Williams passed away August 2014.  These deaths were widely covered and talked about for days after their death actually happened. These are just two of the many celebrities that the public feels they ‘know’ and want to hear more news about.  They turn to the media to get their celebrity questions answered.

(social news daily)

(social news daily)


“Celebrity Journalism is like crack. Americans are addicted to it. We need to hear the Mel Gibson tapes and see Lindsay Lohan report to jail,” Huffington Post journalist, Larry Atkins said.


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