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Amsterdam: an inside look

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When one thinks of Amsterdam, what comes to mind? Van Gogh? The Anne Frank house? Coffee shops? It is true that those things are tied to Amsterdam but there is a lot packed into this tourist trap of a city. Amsterdam itself is situated in the Netherlands in the northern part of Holland. Filled with canals and various alleyways, its easy to find new places to eat,drink and sight see throughout the city.

Lets start with one of the biggest attractions that draw tourists in every year: The Van Gogh Museum.  Located directly across from the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, this museum boasts the biggest collection of Van Gogh works and can been reached via bike, walk, or street car. Here you can find many of the local artist’s most famous works such as “Sunflowers”  and “Almond Blossom.”

Besides the rich historical locations that can be found around many corners of Amsterdam, there are other attractions that lure tourists in. Coffee shops and the red light district are as much part of Amsterdam as Van Gogh and Dutch clogs. Today, there are currently almost 200 coffee shops strewn throughout the city that vary from theme to services. Some coffee shops don’t sell alcohol in their establishments while other do sell alcohol in conjunction with marijuana. This is due to a taboo tied to drinking and smoking which can lead to unwanted situations and consequences. From the popular celebrity hangout of Grey Area to the Irish pub feel of Stone’s Cafe, one will find a plethora of coffee shops that suit almost everyone’s taste.

Lastly, lets talk about how to maneuver around the city of Amsterdam. The most popular and convenient form of transportation in the city is a bicycle. The majority of the local population uses them and tourists can find many bike rental station at most street corners. If biking is too fast paced for your speed, walking also serves as the tried and true way of taking in the sites and sounds of Amsterdam due to its relatively small size. For the ranges outside the reaches of walking and bike riding, street cars are the next viable option. They regularly pass in front of the train station and can take visitors around the city in larger groups.





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