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Inspiration from a true media star

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As an undergraduate at George Mason University, nothing is more inspiring than learning from those who have achieved a life of success and fulfilled their career goals from an early age. More importantly, witnessing those we are working in a field that they have always aspired to work in. In all honesty, isn’t that what every college student tries to obtain? Our duties as students include working and studying for our chosen field in order to gain expertise and experience. Through the endless hours of practicing our studies, we all share a common fear in mind. Will all this hard work pay off? Out of my four years as a college student, I can confidently state that each of my classmates and peers want to be great. We want recognition for the sweat and tears that we put into our classes, assignments, and exams. More specifically, in the field of public relations and journalism, we want to be acknowledged for our creativity and strength of communication that we bring to the table.

From an early age, Ryan Seacrest was driven to work and excel in the field of media. He began his career as a DJ at a local radio station, which eventually motivated him to expand his horizons and move to Los Angeles, California. Seacrest states-

“And I think more than anything else, I know when I go to bed that no one’s working harder doing what I’m doing, and I think, quite frankly, simply that hard work at some point was gonna pay off.”



He was absolutely right as he received the title for the new host of the popular television series known as, American Idol in 2002. Not long after, he branched over into entertainment news where he received a position as a news anchor for E! Television network. His many other career paths include a host for On Air with Ryan Seacrest and American Top 40. As well as, a host for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, E! News, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and the NBC show- The Million Second Quiz. Furthermore, Seacrest can be credited for the overwhelming fame and success that has been given to the Kardashian family over the past several years. The Ryan Searcrest Productions developed the reality television show called- Keeping Up With the Kardashians while adding several spin- off series. His production for the show- Food Revolution resulted in an Emmy Award. Seacrest’s hard work and determination continue to influence young and aspiring individuals that hope to one day follow his foot steps as a true media star. 

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