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A coffeehouse has always served as a gossip harbor and one particular gossip harbor located in the middle of Arlington, VA is currently the most exciting by far that this caffeine addict has ever visited. Northside Social has taken the concept of the coffeehouse to a whole new level.  The typical coffeehouse attracts a spectrum […]

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Ethics in social media

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The ethical aspects of journalism are always strained around the time of a US presidential election and the 2012 race was not exempt of the abuse of social media outlets.  Because everyone can be a publisher now, most felt entitled in posting their bias through Facebook, Twitter, and other public forums.  Lacking professional training in […]

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After a two-year grand jury investigation, the case of Jerry Sandusky has been laid to rest.  On October 9th, 2011, Sandusky was found guilty of 52 counts of sexual abuse and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison.   Judge John Cleland who issued the sentence acknowledged that the length of his term within that […]

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Freedom of speech, religion and assembly of the people is protected under the First Amendment — but what about freedom of healthcare requirements? A voice in the uproar against the pro-abortion HHS mandate belongs to Frank O’Brien and O’Brien Industries.  O’Brian runs his small business in Missouri in accordance with the Catholic religion and believes that […]

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According to Daily News, news regarding Supreme Court sub judicecannot be tampered with – or rather, completely ignored — in specific cases. “No guidelines can be framed across the board to regulate media reporting of sub-judice matters,” said Chief Justice of New Dehli, S.H. Kapadia,  “Finding an acceptable constitutional balance between free press and administration of justice […]

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