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The opening chapter of Michael Schudson’s Discovering the News is basically a celebration of the brilliance that was the penny press. Schudson talks about how the penny press forever changed the face of journalism and of the dissemination of news, beginning in the early 1830’s. Schudson called the penny press a “revolution” for news. Schudson […]

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The art of the blog

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How about this for irony? Writing a blog about the art of blogging. The word ‘blog‘ comes from the phrase “web log.” It is one of the newer forms of journalism, and it will forever change the way journalists work, and how their field will be conducted. According to Mitchell Stephens, who authored “A History of News,” … […]

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Memorable events in the news

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  While skimming through our textbook contemplating what to write about I stumbled across a text-box on the coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial. It automatically took me back to my childhood, reminding me of the coverage I watched with my parents. There are certain events that have unfolded throughout the history of journalism that […]

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What Makes News?

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The elements of news don’t change. All that changes is the way, and the speed with which, news is disseminated. What makes news today is no different than what made news a century or two ago. The difference is just the techonlogies that we use to distribute the news. In the olden days, for example, […]

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Political Reporting

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Political reporting has always greatly altered the way people feel about critical topics. From the days when one journalist would follow Presidential candidates everywhere they went, to the first televised Presidential debates in 196o, reporting on politics has always served a pivotal purpose: to enlighten. Today, all of the major cable networks spend the majority of […]

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The Radio

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Radio has long been our friend. One of the most immediate forms of mass communication, the radio has been a staple in American society for almost a century. We use it to listen to sporting events, to listen to music, to listen to talk shows and it helps to get us through our daily endeavors […]

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The Printing Press

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                                              Johannes Gutenberg                                            Printing Press Johannes Gutenberg gets the majority of the credit for inventing the printing press. The German goldsmith built the first printing press in 1440 . It should also be noted, however, that the Chinese played a vital role in the development of this ground-breaking machine. Almost 300 years before Gutenberg […]

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