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The internet is buzzing as Americans wait to see who will win the NY primary. Polls are showing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the frontrunners while fans of Bernie Sanders are still hopeful. A steal is unlikely, but possible, depending on who you’re receiving your news from. Every major news outlet is tuned in […]

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  A few days ago I watched the Frontline documentary ‘Chasing Heroin’. It was trending on my timeline, having been shared thousands of times and described as a searing film about an epidemic. That epidemic? Heroin. It’s a well-made film, typical of Frontlines with a strong journalistic edge. It is in fact searing and worth […]

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One for the books

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With the upcoming presidential election, I thought it would be great to talk about the rarely told story of the Chicago Daily Tribune’s most famous headline, DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN. On election night of the 1948 presidential race, radio reports confidently predicted a victory for Republican challenger, Thomas E. Dewey, over incumbent President Harry S. Truman , […]

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Early congressional reporting

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There is so much entertainment in watching live coverage of the House and Senate debates, but even more intriguing is how congressional reporting was during the late 1790s and early 1800s. In order to get accurate information from Congress in the early years, one could sit in the chamber and view the proceedings or get […]

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The Evening Journal and upcoming war

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I enjoyed the history of the Albany Evening Journal, solely because of its transformation from a party newspaper to a proponent for the Civil War.   Thurlow Weed started the production of the “Albany Evening Journal” in New York as a medium to promote the Anti-Masonic Party, the first single-issue “third” party in the United States, […]

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Get it right the first time! That is what Jon Stewart of The Daily Show practically meant when he emphasized the huge blunder that CNN and Fox News had committed when they wrongly reported on the Supreme Court ruling of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Thanks to electronic news these days, it is easy for mistakes like […]

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Political Reporting

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Political reporting has always greatly altered the way people feel about critical topics. From the days when one journalist would follow Presidential candidates everywhere they went, to the first televised Presidential debates in 196o, reporting on politics has always served a pivotal purpose: to enlighten. Today, all of the major cable networks spend the majority of […]

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