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Graphics overwhelming

Posted by: | December 8, 2009 | No Comment |

Previously, I wrote a bit on how news can be presented, both positively and negatively.  At the time, I ended by saying I would go into the history of news graphics and presentation, but have since changed my mind on what I would base this on.  I was watching the news on TV this whole […]

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And knowing is half the battle

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Ask just about anyone if they think news is important, and they likely will agree that, yes, it is vital, though you might get some comments on how the talking heads can get too preachy or alter the news as they see fit. News is an important resource to everyone, from a subsistence farmer to […]

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In the fifth chapter of Schudson’s book, Discovering the News, he writes of the roles of objectivity, news management, and the critical culture that arose in journalism around World War I and beyond. Objectivity Schudson details that around the 1930s, many journalists began to find fault with the ideals of objectivity and instead wanted to […]

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Graphics play an integral part in the presentation of news, having a hand in every medium outside of news on the radio, though presentation is still important to that medium as well. Though there are some that simply wish to read line after line of text, more often than not people need some form of […]

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Opinions: then and now

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Opinions have appeared within newspapers and in journalism for ages. Though journalists are meant to be unbiased, it is often difficult, some might say impossible, for one to fully pull away from long held beliefs, whether they be religious, political, or otherwise. Nowadays, when people think of opinion pieces, they tend to think of the […]

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Germany, Printing Press, Gutenberg

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