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Running from death

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People are not just coming to the U.S. to pursue the “American dream,” rather they are crossing the border to flee gangs. Josue Salomon is an 18- year old male who was deported back to El Salvador in August of last year after being caught making his way to the U.S. He was desperate to leave […]

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Sandy in Comparison

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Hurricane Sandy seems to have done nothing to the Northern Virginia area. NOVA woke up on Tuesday to a low number of power outages, barely any flooding, and minimal structure damage. Compared to New York City we really got nothing. It was merely a day-long storm. For NOVA, ‘Frankenstorm’ was all hype. For New York, […]

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Oops they did it again

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Everyone makes mistakes, even the news. However with technology consistently evolving and the Zuckerberg wall constantly moving, one would think mistakes would happen less frequently. But they still happen all the time. In the 1400’s one of the biggest flaws with the printing press was ensuring death. In 1431 there was at least one false […]

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“What was the Dean’s main point about the French Revolution?” Professor Klein asked. The overall class answer was that the press didn’t cause the French Revolution…it contributed to it. Without the press in 18th century France there would have been no revolution. From 1631-1750 the press was very small and controlled by the government. It was in the […]

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