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Revolution creates freer press

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Prior to the Revolution in 1789, press in France was heavily controlled. Reporters/writers who ignored these regulations and published seditious or defamatory material were quickly subject to consequences, increasing from public flogging on the first offense to the death penalty for any following. Jack Richard Censer discusses these conditions in his book Press and Politics […]

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“What was the Dean’s main point about the French Revolution?” Professor Klein asked. The overall class answer was that the press didn’t cause the French Revolution…it contributed to it. Without the press in 18th century France there would have been no revolution. From 1631-1750 the press was very small and controlled by the government. It was in the […]

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No news is bad news

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The wait for urgent news causes universal anxiety. Once the anticipation has become too much to bear, we reassure ourselves with a universal anecdote; “no news is good news.”  Is no news really good news? The effect of censorship on news during the French Revolution tells us otherwise. News publications during the French Revolution needed […]

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Few things are as passionate, dangerous or consequential as a population’s will to overthrow its government. Even today, people are exercising their rights to speak up against oppressors by way of assembly through mass media. After all, what could go wrong with a little power of the press? In fact, history has also shown us that […]

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The battle of the declarations

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Jean Jacque Rousseau wrote The Social Contract before the American and French Revolutions took place, its contents were so influential that the documents that were to fallow both Revolutions would attempt to mirror many of Rousseau’s beliefs. The problem, which was the solution to all the struggles, Rousseau stated was, “To find a form of association which […]

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The French Revolution sparked a change in the French media. During this time period, free press was established, and newspapers had the privilege of sharing their personal opinions without prior approval from the King. By 1790, the amount of newspapers in France had increased dramatically. Many newspapers, such as L’ami du Peuple, were partisan-based, and […]

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