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Today when you think about salons, you probably think about places people go to have their hair polished and styled for a price. However this is not the case for what salons were in the 17th and 18th centuries. Early French salons served as a sort of haven for exchanging and receiving information. Though salons were […]

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On January 1, 1777, Journal de Paris became the first French daily newspaper. Its founders modeled it after the London Evening Post, in hopes of creating similar success and increasing the velocity of information and news in the community. The stories covered each day ranged, but were often focused on reporting literary news, evening shows […]

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Early French salons served as a major channel of communication among the European elite. Intellectuals attended these meetings and had discussions on a broad range of topics including politics, art, and religion. These meetings were a way for aristocratic members of society to acquire their news. Salons were a newspaper, journal, literary society, and university all in one. It comes as […]

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No news is bad news

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The wait for urgent news causes universal anxiety. Once the anticipation has become too much to bear, we reassure ourselves with a universal anecdote; “no news is good news.”  Is no news really good news? The effect of censorship on news during the French Revolution tells us otherwise. News publications during the French Revolution needed […]

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