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Today when you think about salons, you probably think about places people go to have their hair polished and styled for a price. However this is not the case for what salons were in the 17th and 18th centuries. Early French salons served as a sort of haven for exchanging and receiving information. Though salons were […]

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Early French salons served as a major channel of communication among the European elite. Intellectuals attended these meetings and had discussions on a broad range of topics including politics, art, and religion. These meetings were a way for aristocratic members of society to acquire their news. Salons were a newspaper, journal, literary society, and university all in one. It comes as […]

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The art of conversation

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It is no secret that as technology grows the importance of the spoken word declines.  Information that used to be exclusive to town criers can now be found in forms such as newspapers, magazines, and most recently, the internet. As the internet evolves, we are no longer simply faced with countless websites but blogs, twitter […]

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In 1735 France provided unlikely centers of information exchange.  Salons were places to discuss news and information, especially in the salon of Madame Doublet.  The news that passed through this particular salon was used to write Louis Petit de Bachaumont’s Mémoires secret. This publication brought literary life of the eighteenth century to light.  It discussed topics such […]

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