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Hurricane Sandy was expected to wreak havoc on millions of people, but the delays and shortages that are still plaguing citizens along the east coast are causing unforeseen issues. New York City and New Jersey seemed to receive the brunt of the storm, with at least 40 fatalities in each state. Much of NYC is […]

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With graduation not far down the road for most of us, it is time to start spitting out resumes left and right and pray someone takes us in and sees our worth. As aspiring journalists, we are lucky to live in a world where the ability to deliver news is right at our fingertips. However, […]

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With midterms descending upon Mason students, the stress of the semester is beginning to set in for many. Sure we have the weekend to have a little break and get our heads on straight, but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep us sane. Spring break is a ways away, but luckily there are other ways […]

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