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College kid weekend getaways in Virginia

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With midterms descending upon Mason students, the stress of the semester is beginning to set in for many. Sure we have the weekend to have a little break and get our heads on straight, but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep us sane.

Extremely stressed college kid

Spring break is a ways away, but luckily there are other ways for students to let off some steam or take a break from their studies. This weekend is Columbus Day weekend which is great news for college students… THREE DAY WEEKEND!

No classes on Monday means a chance to have a mini vacation. So where should you go for a quick getaway with friends? The beautiful state of Virginia has many places to visit last minute and activities. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Kings Dominion and/or Busch Gardens
  • During the Halloween season, these theme parks are sure to get you to scream the stress right out of you!

  • Virginia Winery’s
  • You can usually find one right down the street from home, so save some gas and look one up and go!

  • Camping
  • Virginia has many beautiful campsites. A great way to relax with friends over some hot dogs and smores.

  • Visit the monuments and hit up Georgetown.
  • Also, the zoo is free!

    These are just a few of many great weekend getaways for college students needing a break from reality. Relatively cheap, a great way to relax and bond with friends, and try something different than the usual! Enjoy your holiday weekend everybody!

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