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Media Star: Anderson Cooper

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Anderson Cooper has a nightly show on CNN called “Anderson Cooper 360°” where he reports on national and international news events. The show airs at 8 PM nightly on CNN. Cooper is known for reporting on-location from areas where there is breaking news. While he has correspondents film and compile news packages for his broadcast, Cooper still has the willingness to go out into the field.But what makes Anderson Cooper a star?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports execution will begin in 30 minutes (now 10:38 ET). #TroyDavis #AC360
September 21, 2011
Anderson Cooper First Big Anchor On The Ground In Haiti 

Anderson Cooper is the first major news anchor on the ground in Haiti. The CNN anchor who made his name covering Hurricane Katrina flew out of New York at 1AM and filed his first report from the earthquake-shaken region Wednesday morning.
Anderson Cooper @cnn wins for amazing breaking news Haiti coverage #Emmys
September 26, 2011
Anderson Cooper Talk Show, ‘Anderson,’ Launches 

Anderson Cooper is launching a bold, risky new chapter in his career on Monday, as his daytime talk show finally premieres. “Anderson” has been in the works for a year, but viewers will, at last, get to see whether Cooper can make it in the highly competitive daytime world when his show debuts on Sept.
anderson cooper is soo sexy….
September 26, 2011

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