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Are women safe on college campuses

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In light of the recent missing student at the University of VirginiaHannah Graham, I found myself wondering if women are safe on college campuses. The feminist in me knows that this argument I’m trying to state might come across as sexist and may be misconstrued, but my opinion on the subject matter shall have to speak for itself.

“You think you are safe walking on campus, day and night, and that nothing bad could ever to happen to you.” I do not think I would be wrong to make an assumption that most young ladies have not thought twice about walking across campus during the day alone. But at night, it should be fair to think that most women have thought about walking in pairs or having a rape whistle or pepper spray in hand.  Are women safe on college campuses during the day? Probably. At night? You might want to think about that again.

Missing UVA Student, Hannah Graham. Image courtesy of hollywoodlife.com.

Women have come a long way in history, fighting for their rights to work and vote. So somehow it almost seems like we have been thrown back in our accomplishments being that women have to be wary about walking across college campuses alone at night. Why is it not safe to walk alone on campus? It would be so easy to blame men — but that isn’t a viable solution. Is there a reason? If so, it is not easy to define.

It is not safe to walk alone on college campuses at night, if you are a woman, in my opinion. It is completely unfair and definitely a double standard that men don’t have the same problem. But a woman walking alone appears more vulnerable than a man walking alone at night. Like I said, it isn’t fair but we rarely hear stories of missing men from college campuses – it is always women, like Graham.

Please let Graham’s disappearance be an unfortunate warning to everyone, especially college girls, that you should never walk alone at night, especially in an inebriated state. Do not wander off on your own and always be with people who you trust to get you home.  

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