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New news, old tricks

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Coupons win bread for newspapers and consumers. Move over, Groupon. Or should I say, advertisements. The once omnipotent printed ad is second to none other than the savior of the  American economy: the coupon. Anyone who has ever binge watched episodes of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”, probably noticed an alarming constant (aside from obscene savings and doomsday […]

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Yellow Journalism was born in the late nineteenth century out of the competition between publishing moguls Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. Competition between the two came to a peak when Hearst hired the Cartoonist Richard F. Outcault away from Pulitzer after Outcault’s popular cartoon “Hogan’s Alley” boost Pulitzer’s sales.  Outcault’s most popular character from […]

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Ethics are a factor that develop overtime. Ethics change with new technologies, advancements, ideas — and are often subjective to one’s personal opinions. ethics [eth-icks] noun, plural : a system of moral principles Ethics are separate from formal laws. Therefore, to answer the question “what is ethical” is often simply impossible because of the multitude of interpretations. […]

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In light of the recent missing student at the University of Virginia, Hannah Graham, I found myself wondering if women are safe on college campuses. The feminist in me knows that this argument I’m trying to state might come across as sexist and may be misconstrued, but my opinion on the subject matter shall have to speak for […]

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